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Let There Be Lighting

Posted by George Sims on

Let There Be Lighting

We’re excited to say that we have recently received stock of some brand new lighting options.

Among them is, and we kid you not, a couple of light shades for hanging ceiling lights that are made from solid concrete. That’s right. Concrete.

We think they look rather splendid and we’re confident that you will too. Just don’t stand up too quickly and catch your head on one of them. Trust us. It’s not pretty.

We also received some glass light shades that would be perfect for those that need a little more brightness and for anyone who wants hanging lights in a smaller room (their transparency means they don't eat up the space or stop the light from spreading).

In addition to these newcomers, we also have stock of our trusted Applicata Blossom Lamps and a number of one-off, mid-century pieces for those who like to keep it old school.

Instead of listening to us go on about it, why not take yourself to our lighting section and see what’s it’s all about for yourself.

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